Trinity Care Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization with main focus on enhancing the public programs effectiveness and strengthening the community programs by reaching out to the socially and economically underprivileged sections of the society both in rural and urban India since 2007.

At Trinity Care Foundation we believe in the future of our children – charity is just one of the many avenues we use to make the joy visible through the smiles of our nation’s children.

Trinity Care Foundation is led by a team of Doctor’s, Public Health and Developmental Professionals with focus on healthcare and educational services!

You could support the underserved populations with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives/Projects from your Company ! Write to connect with us @ . Trinity Care Foundation has been registered with MCA for undertaking CSR activities and the Registration number is CSR00003858.

Partnering with Trinity Care Foundation charity in India will prove to be truly rewarding and even more so for the children and families that you will positively impact with your generous support. Every little life you affect is a smile won and worn on the face of a beautiful child with a future filled with many more.

CSR Projects implemented in Karnataka State, India can be viewed at the link ->